AK-Interactive AKI-2170 LUFTWAFFE COLORS 1960S 1970S SET

AKI-2170 LUFTWAFFE COLORS 1960S 1970S SET - Image 1
Производител: AK-Interactive
Код на продукта: AKI-2170
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Код на продуктаAKI-2170
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This set of four acrylics and one Xtreme Metal paint is essential for painting models of aircraft used by the German Air Force in 1960s and 1970s. It includes the basic camouflage colors used in the Norm 72 and Norm 76 schemes. Our paints are not only historically accurate and specially formulated with top quality components; they also have been designed taking into account the scale reduction effect*. Our acrylic paints are ready to use straight from the bottle; simply shake, and the paint is ready to go. Dilution is not necessary when airbrushing AK acrylic paints; however, when painting camouflage or fine lines, add a few drops of our specially formulated thinner AK712. Useful for all acrylic paints, the AK712 improves the performance of the paint and is vastly superior to most other available thinners, resulting in a greater degree of coverage when applied by brush. The Xtreme Metal paints are high quality metallic colors developed with outstanding pigments, and especially formulated for the modeller to achieve the best results. Resistant to any kind of weathering, with ultra-high coverage power, high sheen, will not damage the plastic, and you can varnish without altering their glossiness. These are quite simply the highest quality metallic paints ever seen.


This set contains:

  • AK2171 RAL 2005 Luminous Orange (Leuchtorange)
  • AK2172 RAL 6014 Yellow Olive (Gelboliv)
  • AK2173 RAL 7001 Silver Grey (Silbergrau)
  • AK2174 RAL 7012 Basalt Grey (Basaltgrau)
  • AK478 Xtreme Metal White Aluminium

Specially designed for painting airplanes and containing a wide range of authentic colours. These colours are from our special and exclusive range as they have been developed and researched with the maximum of care.
The different colours included in these sets are RLM colours, Federal Standard, etc.. used by the different armed forces of the world in all areas. The colours are the most accurate and authentic that a modeller can find with the guarantee that they have been developed by experts.
Many of them have a “scale reduction factor” to fit your models. The boxes contain profile guides which serve as reference. These colours are available in sets, in small blisters, or separately.

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