Orlik 048 M/S Ziemia Szczecińska

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Мащаб: 1:200
Производител: Orlik
Код на продукта: orl048
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Код на продуктаorl048
Тегло0.48 kg
Добавен в каталога:2.7.2008

M / S Ziemia Szczecińska is a Polish merchant ship (so-called bulk carrier), which was built in the Italian shipyard Cantieri Runiti in the city of Trieste. The launch of the vessel took place in 1966. The ship was 191 meters long and 22.8 meters wide. The load capacity did not exceed 23,350 DWT. M / S Ziemia Szczecińska was the first such a large ship operated by Polska Żegluga Morska (PŻM) after 1945. It had five more twin units (for example: the Gdańsk Land or the Greater Poland Land), four of which were built in Italy, and two - in Great Britain. Interestingly, the units built in both countries differed in technical data, performance and architecture to a small extent - especially the hulls. M / S Ziemia Szczecińska went down in the history of Polish shipping as the first PŻM ship to circumnavigate the globe. This feat was performed by the bulk carrier in 1966-1967.

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Добавен в каталога: 2.7.2008
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Мащаб: 1:200
Производител: Orlik
Код на продукта: orl048w
Достъпност: достъпен!

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