Tamiya 14080 Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar

Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar - Image 1
Мащаб: 1:12
Производител: Tamiya
Код на продукта: tam14080
Актуална достъпност: 2-8 седмици

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Код на продуктаtam14080
Тегло0.23 kg
Добавен в каталога:28.4.2008

The Yamaha XV1600 (other designations: Yamaha Road Star or Yamaha Wild Star) is a Japanese chopper motorcycle that was presented to the public for the first time in 1999 - its serial production started in the same year. The drive is provided by a two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1602 cm3 (since 2004 - 1670 cm3) and a maximum power of 62.6 HP. The weight of the vehicle is 332 kilograms. The XV1600 model was developed and implemented for production by the Yamaha Motor Company concern, intended especially for the North American market, but it was assumed that it would also be offered on the domestic and other foreign markets. The first modernization of the model took place in 2004, when an engine with a slightly larger capacity and different spokes in the wheels were used. Another came in 2008, when electronic fuel injection was introduced into the engine. The motorcycle was quite successful on the market, due to its high-quality workmanship, high ergonomics and highly reliable engine.

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Добавен в каталога: 28.4.2008
Актуална достъпност: 2-8 седмици
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Мащаб: 1:12
Производител: Tamiya
Код на продукта: tam14135
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